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Great App With Only One Flaw

This is a fantastic app I literally only have one complaint. THE YANDEX SIMILAR PHOTOS FEATURE IS CONSTANTLY BROKEN!!!!!!!! Even when they fix it the feature doesn’t work for very long. The app developers need to figure out something better.

Good, But the Safari Link Never Works

I've always enjoyed using PicTrove and now it's successor, PicTrove 2. I believe I even used to have it on my Android devices forever and loved it there too. It's been a while though, so it's hard to remember one hundred percent. But, I'm pretty sure this was an Android app first. The problem is, though, that I've never been able to fully use it on my Apple devices. That's because the link that you have in Safari, to open a webpage your on, into PicTrove 2, has never worked for me. I click the PicTrove 2 icon in that Safari Share Sheet and nothing ever happens. It will not open up a webpage into PicTrove 2 when I click it. I'm using this app on an iPhone 8 Plus, running iOS 11.4.1, if that helps at all. Would you please mind looking into why this function on the application won't work, fix it and release an update to the program? I would be so grateful and thankful if you would, thank you. Or, would you mind at least adding a feature to PicTrove 2,, that allows users to copy a webpage link from Safari and then let us have a place to paste and open that link in this application please? Both things I've requested would solve my issue, so I'm definitely not picky about which one you implement if you would please, thank you. I mean, it would be nice if the PicTrove 2 link worked in the Safari Share Sheet menu. But, if you don't want to fix that I'll gladly settle for just having somewhere in this application to paste webpage links and have them open and show all the photos. Because, while the search function in the program can be useful at times for sure. Well, you can only search keywords and not specific websites like I'm wanting to. And I was always quite confused as to why this app never offered a way to paste web links into the app itself? Maybe because you had the Safari extension? But, like I've mentioned, the Safari extension for this app has never worked once for me. I previously owned an iPhone 6 Plus and ran various iOS builds. And the Safari extension never worked on that phone or those various operating systems eithe. And as I said, even on my brand new iPhone 8 Plus, the Safari extension still does nothing unfortunately. So, thanks a whole bunch if you'll please look into this issue and hopefully get this great app back up working to its full and intended potential. I'd be so grateful if you would do that, thanks if so. Also, thanks for all the time and hard work that I'm sure you've put into this great program throughout the years. I just wish that it worked as flawlessly on my iPhones and iPads, as it did on my old Android devices. I really believe that this is the best app of its kind when it's working like it's supposed to do. I just hope that it can fixed to work like again. Thanks again for your time and effort put into this program and God bless.

The best.

If you search for images frequently, or just want the best results when you do, this app is it. The best image search app, hands down. You can easily save to an internal folder or your camera roll, and you can even do a similar image search through Yandex which is great. So many features, I'm really glad I found this app!

❤️10 Stars for picTrove 2 ❤️

All images are loading correctly now! picTrove 2 is the best way to access all types of images via Search—especially love the transparent png’s and good-quality animated gifs! Some sites (with convenient scroll-down thumbnail previews) offer hundreds of images with size, caption, links to website, similar images, ability to download to camera roll, etc. Endless source of pics for digital inspiration, collages, or whatever you need them for. Note: always check sources first for copyright info before using.

I bought this app years ago and still use it to this day.

I really love this app it’s by far the best picture search app you can find on the App Store. Trust me anyone can find what they are looking for it’s great. I would love to see this app get cloud integration so I can search through and see pictures in my Dropbox, google drive, box, etc. also would be nice to easily send saved pictures in pictrove to go into cloud storage of our choosing. I would like to have the option to have a voting type system, less like this, more like this, take out all photos like this. Or even pick the most popular. Searching random photos that it thinks I’ll like would be Cool also. Video options also would be cool with option app to turn off and on.

great image search

Worked perfectly until this week… Now a gif in Bing shows up as a static image, but does not animate at all. otherwise, the best way to find any picture he might need.!

Only Image Search I Use

I don’t search images through a web browser or any other search app. To me this is an indispensable app. The options for searches, which can be customized for each source, is expansive and saves a ton of time. It’s fully configurable and allows you to save searches. The ability to preview images and easily save them is second to none. And when I had a support question that I sent in on a Sunday afternoon I got a response by Sunday night - just super!

Latest update problem

Thumbnails don’t show in bing, tumbler, wordpress, pinterest and blogger with the new update. Please fix

Awesome app

The best on the market

App goes blank after reviewing search results

I loved this app, up until a problem with the recent update caused a problem on my iPhone 7 Plus to go blank when reviewing the search results. Developer: I'm not one who usually reviews apps, but this bug is pretty annoying. Kindly, please fix it. Thank you.

Great app!

I've used picTrove (and now picTrove 2) for years. I just wanted to drop a note to the dev to say thanks for still supporting the app with updates years after initial launch. 👍🏼

Great photo search app

Search several search engines at the same time... If this did video search, it would be perfect..


Search for more sizes if pictures no longer works in bing and yandex. I tried about 15 different pictures same thing and for all. Other sizes doesn't work. Help

Love this app

If you ever just want to search images and nothing more then this is the app for you.

Very elegant

Used the previous version up until now and liked it. The developers added ads which I don't like but I didn't update it so I was not affected, and it works well as is. It found pictures that regular web browsers didn't but once I discovered they had a paid version I checked it out. Reading about this app it sounded too good to be true but I liked all the extras. This app is more refined in so many ways it makes looking at pictures fun all over again...on any subject. I was hesitant to spend the $5 but now I'm glad I did, it's worth it. Love the in app browser. Love the transitions from picture to picture. Love the pass code. Love the photo editor. Love the wide variety of sources. It's a very polished app. Well done developers.

Useful app

Easy to use and you can find also gifs images. But sometimes it doesn't load web pages. It's a good app for search pictures 👍


The developer of the problem fixed,everything works fine.Great app!!!

Love it

Great app.

Love this App

Best feature of picTrove is it tells you if an incorrect pass code has been entered, makes it easy to see if someone has been trying to access the App. Second best feature is that pictures are saved to the app and not the phones photo library. The third best feature is it can be set to clear the search history when the app is exited. This new app works very well, it's easy to search for images across multiple sites. I use this app multiple times a day everyday and have never had it crash. Highly recommend this app.

Great app

Makes searching for images easy since it searches multiple sites simultaneously. Way better than the previous app now that it supports gifs. Instead of needing to go through search engines individually this app does it for you. Invaluable time saver.

Perfect pic hunt

This app is perfect for searching images without limits.

Works amazingly well...

Highly recommended, so far the best app of it's kind!

Great app for browsing pictures.

Had a problem with some of the sources not giving up results. Emailed support and it was fixed a few days letter. Pics you like can be saved for later viewing.

Handy but Inconsistent

It's great for several of its services like Google and Bing, but only gets a few results from several of the others. This is a constant so it's not specific to your search terms.

Used to be great....

...now missing Bing, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Pinterest results, and there seems to be zero support for customers...

Nothing works

I don't know what happened to this app, but the bing search never works.

Best I've Found

The controls are slick and easy to understand. It's smart enough to know if you've already downloaded a pic, as well (as long as the downloaded pics are not deleted). Ability to go to the web site/page is a great feature.

Best app ever

Why use just google when you can use them all at once? Best app for image searching.

Good search engine, returns desired results

I wish it had the ability to sort saved pics, or jump to specific dates or keywords. Display of saved pics can be very slow.


Fast, easy and multiple search sites.


I am a homeschool teacher and this makes the task of picture search (on the go) so much easier. Thank you!


The Extension doesn't work; I have never gotten it to work. I can't open page in internal browser. That option is no longer available. I wish it could detect from clipboard.


Update 10/13/16: Still the best. Update: Still the best app of its kind. The only major feature missing is the ability to batch upload to cloud services like dropbox. Keep up the great work! Update: I've come across several similar apps since my last review. None are as good as this one. They've added the option to save camera roll. Still best of its kind. This is the only app of its type I've come across. If you frequently search for images via google on you mobile device, you know how annoying and inefficient it can be. In comes this app to make everything efficient and buttery smooth. Two things would make it better: The option to save directly to camera roll...but please don't get rid of option to save to app. More search engines...the original app had more engines. Add those two things and this will be a 5 star app!

Great picture finder

This program works very well

Great program!

This is a fantastic photo search program. I have used the prior (free) program for some time and loved it. This upgrade is a great improvement that solves several bothersome drawbacks of the prior program at a very nominal cost. It will find just what you want with any reasonable search terns.


Great product.


This app is good. My only thing is I wish there was unlimited search results. Especially for Google results.


I love this app. It has now become my favorite app and has allowed me to find many photos I would have not discovered before.

Love it, just a few small improvements needed...

Loved the free version so much and found it so useful that I shelled out for the full version. It's great! Honestly, though, 3 things: 1) Please make the small thumbnail size ever so slightly larger. The small is a little too small but the large is too big. Or perhaps offer a medium size. 2) The bottom row of Pinterest results is cut off on the iPhone 6 Plus, I can only see 1-1/2 rows instead of the full 2 which means I also can't get to the link to show further Pinterest results. This was true for the version that was just updated too (i.e., it didn't just now break). 3) Please add Facebook and Picasa like the free PicTrove has! Why are they missing in the paid version? But overall what a fantastic resource! Fix these 3 things and will definitely be 5 stars!

The Best

This is the best pic search out there!!!

Very best for all image needs!

You need not look further, this is the very last app you will ever need to do comprehensive image search on the Internet.

Easiest and best solution

Simple to use and effective . I would buy again .

Tops again

Once again this has become one of my top apps. One thing about the developers of this app if you have a problem they get right to you with info and fixes.

Good App

It does what I expected, no complaints.

A gem!

Keeps getting better. Latest version doesn't do everything I'd like, but it's still great. I loved the first version for its ease of use, speed and ability to find images using multiple search engines. I had to upgrade, as the original would not work after iOS 8.1. Like some other reviewers, I was disappointed by the newer version at first, as it seemed to be missing several features. After a little use, it became clear that most of the "missing" features were still there, just relocated, albeit in places less than intuitive to some of us accustomed to its predecessor. But the more I use the new version, the better I like it. After the latest revision, it is even better than the original. When I had questions, I found the developers to be very responsive.

It's Amazing

Just what I was looking for...👍🏻👍🏻

Pics trove2 pro by Josh

Pics trove 2 pro best pics out their


This apps is amazing better then the old pictrove I do hope their is updates to increase content and verity of images from around the world and more that can't the image their is


Definitely better then the older pic trove wish crashed every other minute, this bad boy works like a charm love the UI it's simple yet powerful .

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